Hearing Loss; Balance Problems; Tinnitus

Hearing Loss

If you are finding it harder to hear people in normal conversation or discovering that other sounds are interfering with your ability to discern what others are saying, you may be suffering from hearing loss due to aging, injury, or an illness. Dr. Paul Spring will help pinpoint the reason for your hearing loss and help you manage it to improve your quality of life and relationships.

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Ringing in the ears is referred to as tinnitus. This is a real problem that affects one in every five Americans. Dr. Spring can help you understand why you’re having this irritating and intrusive

problem. While even sudden onset tinnitus often has a benign origin, a deeper inspection into the cause is warranted. Dr. Spring will discuss with you your modern treatments designed to manage tinnitus.

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Balance Problems

If you have dizziness that interferes with your daily activities and quality of life, then you may have an inner ear problem. Dr. Paul Spring can evaluate your vestibular health and offer treatment options for dizziness, disequilibrium and vertigo.

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