Head and Neck Masses; Swallowing Difficulty

Head and Neck Masses

Although a neck mass doesn’t always mean you have cancer, it is frequently the first sign of cancer arising in your thyroid gland, parotid gland, throat (e.g. tonsil, tongue), or mouth. Dr. Paul Spring is an expert in diagnosing and treating head and neck cancers and is one of only a few dedicated head neck surgeons in Louisiana, Dr. Spring trained at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and completed two (2) years of fellowship in surgery of the upper aerodigestive tract oftentimes utilizing minimally invasive procedures to remove tumors.

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Swallowing Difficulty

If you’ve ever had difficulty swallowing a pill or have had a crab shell caught at the base of your tongue, then you can appreciate the uncomfortable sensation of a swallowing disorder. Dr. Paul Spring works very closely with each patient who has difficulty swallowing to identify the underlying reason for the problem followed by personalized treatment to restore normal swallowing. If you have trouble eating foods or drinking liquids, do not wait.

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